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Frequently Asked Questions

My garage door does not open or opens only a few inches and then stops.
Most likely you have a broken spring. This is a common repair that affects all garage doors, normally when they have been in use for 8-10 years. Due to the extreme tension and risk of personal injury or property damage associated with this repair, we recommend having only a qualified garage door technician perform this repair.
When I try to close my door, it goes down a couple of inches and then the light bulbs flash.
When I enter my code into the keypad, nothing happens.
What is the difference between extension and torsion springs?
Why should I have an insulated door?
Why does my garage door instantly reverse after touching the floor?
Why doesn’t my garage door work as well in the winter?
When I press the button to operate my garage door, nothing happens.
My garage door is sitting crooked or is jammed.
When I push the button, my garage door operator sounds like it is working but the garage door doesn’t move.
My garage door is stuck in the open position. I push the remote, but the door does not move or moves only a short distance and then reverses.
My garage door was hit by a car.

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